Skin Plus OC

Express Skin Plus Polish (30 mins) $50

REFRESH & RADIATE when you’re short of time.

This treatment is ideal for those who are looking for exfoliation that wipes out residual. 

Skin scale and debris w/o irritation. Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask, Toner & Moisturize.

European Facial (60 mins) $75

Facial to restore your skin to its optimum potential. 

Deep  Cleansing, Exfoliate, Extract, Facial Massage, Mask, Hand Massage, Toner & Moisturize.

Got Your Back Facial (60 mins) $80

Skin health isn’t just for the face but for your back too.

Deep cleansing, Exfoliate, Extract, Purifying Mask & Aromatheraphy Massage.

Tone & Moisturize.

LED Light Therapy (30 mins) $55

A painless, relaxing non-invasive treatment to stimulate collagen production, strengthens elasticity and treating mild to moderate acne. It benefits mature dry skin.

RED LIGHT – stimulates cellular activity including fibroblasts that produce collagen which gives your skin its plump look.  Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles.

BLUE LIGHT –  to get your acne under control.

Aromatouch Massage (60 mins) $69

Pure essential oils to promote healing, a feeling of well being & relaxation.

Hydrofacial Treatment with Red Light (60 mins) $120

6 series ($600)

This treatment removes dead skin cells and impurities. This treatment will reduce fine lines, increase collagen for luminous and youthful skin.


Skin Plus Signature Facial Treatment (70 mins) $170

Our Signature Plus is catered to all skin types. A fresh lifted glowing skin.


Microdermabrasion (45 mins) $85

6 series ($600)

Treatment to renew overall skin tone & texture. It is an exfoliation & skin rejuvenation that leaves skin looking softer & brighter.

HydroMicro Therapy (60 mins) $129

6 series ($720)

Crystal-free method. It uses a diamond tipped wand to gently exfoliate the skin. Water will be delivered to the skin in a gentle manner infusing serum that was made to fully hydrate skin.

Anti Aging/Antioxidant Treatment with LED (55 mins) $120

Comprehensive treatment to treat redness, inflamed, dry & dehydrated skin.

O2Lift Treatment (45 mins) $89

A breath of fresh skin. Exfoliate. Illuminate & Oxygenate.

Lash Lift (60 mins) $85


Lip: $8

Underarms: $15

Arms: $25

Leg-wax: knee down $20 +

Full leg: $40

Back: $40 (full)


Ormedic Lift (30 mins) $85

Unbalanced skin, teen skin, sensitive skin.

Signature Lift (30 mins) $125

Redness prone skin, dry / dehydrated / sensitive, post microdermabrasion

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What They Say

"My skin glows and my friends noticed that I look refreshed and even my eye bags are not as noticeable . It is so affordable that i can afford to go every month!"

"Went here last week for my facial. The service was awesome, Ms.Cory & Ms.Darling really pampered me. I love how my skin feels like after the facial, fresh, smooth and dewy."

"The prices were affordable.  My daughter got a lash lift and she is so happy with them.  One month later she is still happy with the results."

"Went for a facial and got more than what I expected.  They really took time to give a great service. Will definitely be back to try their other services."

"Corito and Darling were super accommodating and made sure they took their time. They did not disappoint at all, and I will most definitely come back. I highly recommend them for sure!"

"The staff were very friendly and courteous. I referred my friend over and they've been back twice since then. The place is conveniently located across the Main place Mall."

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